16 Aug

Before we talk about leftovers, let’s back up to this morning. I woke up around 6:20 and got up to get a quick interval workout in. I usually go to Piloxing after work at my gym, but I have family in town visiting my cousin, and we’re having a cookout tonight, so I need to run some errands after work. (sidenote: I’m making pistachio cake for dessert, and it’s my first time making it – recipe to come!) I did a really simple HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout that looked like this:

5 min. Warm-up jog (8:50 pace)

1 min. Run/Sprint

1 min. Walk

(Repeat for 20 mins)

5 min. Cool-down Jog (8:30 pace)

This 30 minute workout is really easy to do outside if you have a watch or even an ipod. I usually do interval workouts on the treadmill, but I can’t bear to run inside when it’s so nice out, so my phone did the trick for today! I followed up my workout with 20 walking lunges (each leg) and a quick walk with Lily. I made a green monster smoothie to drink on my way to work, and it hit the spot. Looks gross, tastes delicious.

But on to leftovers. I’ve decided that I am the Queen of eating leftovers. It’s rare that I leave them untouched in the fridge (unless it wasn’t that good the first time around which happens a lot if I’m cooking). But I love to eat dinner leftovers for lunch, especially since I go home everyday at lunch to let the pup out. Last night it was Ryan’s turn to make dinner, and he bought shrimp to eat as an appetizer (we’re so fancy). We had some leftover, so I used them to make an open-faced sandwich. I topped two whole wheat English muffin halves with spinach, the shrimp, and some shredded mozzarella before heating the halves in the microwave to melt the cheese. I ate it along with green pepper slices and some blueberries.


I forgot to take a picture until I was halfway done eating; I promise I ate more than 2 pepper slices and 10 blueberries. My plate looks like a plate for a 5- year old, but at least it was delicious. And since I can’t seem to eat lunch without something sweet afterward, I also had a chocolate no-bake cookie. Those are the first cookie I ever learned how to make in middle school Home Ec class, and I’ve been addicted ever since.

I’m really excited to see my family tonight and have a relaxing  cookout! Tomorrow I’m going to Chicago to spend the day with one of my best friends and then go to the Rascal Flatts concert. I’m really excited for some quality girl time!

P.s. Here is a great link that made my day: http://keep0smiling.blogspot.com/2013/08/13-facts-about-mr-rogers-that-will-make.html?m=1

We should all try to be a little bit like Mr. Rogers 🙂



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