16 Aug

Yesterday after work I was determined to run over 6 miles even if I only did 6.01! I want to be able to feel comfortable running 6 miles before I move on to longer runs in my half marathon training. So around 4pm I ate a Luna bar for energy and took Lily on a 30 minute walk as kind of a warm-up since I had been sitting all day at work. After our walk I set out on my run. The weather has been really nice here lately, so it was perfect. Running in the afternoon can be hit or miss for me. I either feel sluggish from sitting all day and staring at a computer screen or weighted down from what I ate for lunch and snack. I like to get my running done first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, but luckily, I felt pretty good yesterday.

I tried to start out slowly to ease my way into it, but when I look down at the app on my phone, I realized that my pace was under 8 minutes. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sustain that for 6 miles, so I slowed down a little bit and tried to find a good pace. For some reason, miles 2-3 are the hardest for me, especially if I start out too fast. Once I get past the 3rd mile, I feel like I’m finally in the groove. Once I hit 5 miles, I felt like I was coasting. I ended up hitting 6 miles and kept going to complete a 10k distance of 6.2 miles. I finished in 50 minutes and 38 seconds (8:10 average pace) and was really, really happy with how I did. I started to get nervous about having an upset stomach because that happens to me sometimes if I eat before a hard run, but once I stretched and drank some water I felt a lot better.


Even though I’m really happy with my time, I know that running more than 6.2 miles will be difficult for me. I’m convinced half of it is mental, but I’ve never pushed my body distance-wise. I’m really excited to have a challenge though. It feels good to be uncomfortable sometimes. Plus, I talked Ryan into going to get frozen yogurt with me after dinner as a reward, so it’s totally worth it :).


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