Whole Foods

15 Aug

Whole Foods is my playground. I could literally spend hours in there. I attempted to “stop by” there today for lunch and ended up wandering around for 20 minutes before I realized that I needed to stop eating samples and actually buy lunch. I LOVE their salad and prepared food bar (almost as much as their samples). I love to eat salads, but I hate making them. For some reason, I always seem to put too many different ingredients in my salad that never end up going well together. The best advice I ever received about salad making was to pick a theme, like Mexican, Asian, etc. and then pick ingredients that go with your theme. It’s definitely helped me out.

Today I circled the salad bar a few times trying to figure out what my main ingredient was going to be (besides spinach/lettuce, duh). I saw a sign for “Tofu Eggless Salad” and was sold. It was a tofu salad made to taste like egg salad, and it was delicious. I topped my spinach/lettuce mixture with the tofu salad, shredded carrots, shredded zucchini and squash, and onions. I was super impressed with how good this was. I enjoyed my salad with a sample (or two) of a walnut brownie.


(Sorry for the lame picture. I am in desperate need of a real camera).

Other than the samples and salad bar at Whole Foods, I like buying chicken and seafood there. I love knowing that it’s fresh and organic, and a lot of times I’ll buy their pre-made salmon/crab cakes or turkey burgers. I also love to buy a new kind of Greek yogurt every time I go since their selection is so much better than a normal grocery store’s. Lastly, I am a big fan of their dried fruit and trail mixes. If I buy those items, I will immediately go home and measure out individual servings because if not, I will eat an entire bag of dried fruit or nuts, which can add up to hundreds of calories. For trail mix, a good portion is 1/4 cup. For dried fruit I will eat about 1/2 cup. (side note: if you’re going to buy dried fruit, make sure that there are no added ingredients or sugars. It has enough sugar on its own!)

What are your favorite things to buy at Whole Foods?


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